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Current Grad Student Spotlight

Want to know what it's like to be a graduate student at Cornell?

Here are short profiles of some of our current graduate students to give you a feel for what it's like to do graduate study here.

Kassandra Anderson Thumb

Kassandra Anderson

Kassandra is a graduate student working with Professor Dong Lai on the dynamics of exoplanetary systems, with a focus on the orbital evolution and migration of hot Jupiters.    5/18/18 - Congratulations to Kassandra for being selected for a NASA graduate fellowship (NESSF)! These fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis (scientific merit, research relevance and academic excellence). They are for training individuals in disciplines needed for NASA to pursue its scientific goals.Kassandra's proposal was titled: "Orbital Evolution of Giant Planets with External Perturbers, Stellar Spin-Orbit Dynamics, and Insights into Hot Jupiter Formation"
Paul Corlies Thumb

Paul Corlies

Paul Corlies is working with Professor Alex Hayes on a monitoring campaign to track and characterize cloud outbursts in Titan's atmosphere.
Matt Hankins Thumb

Matt Hankins

Matt Hankins is a PhD student working with Professor Terry Herter on the Faint Object InfraRed CAmera for the Sofia Telescope (FORCAST) instrument. He is interested in massive evolved stars and young stars as well as the galactic center which is home to many of these kinds of objects.
T. K. Daisy Leung Thumb

T. K. Daisy Leung

T. K. Daisy Leung is a graduate student working with Prof. Dominik Riechers on studying the interstellar medium (ISM) properties of distant galaxies.     
Jack Madden Thumb

Jack Madden

Jack Madden is a PhD student in the Department of Astronomy at Cornell University working with Dr. Lisa Kaltenegger. he also works with Dr. Natasha Holmes and Dr. Andrea Stevenson Won on using virtual reality in physics education.
Riccardo  Pavesi Thumb

Riccardo Pavesi

Riccardo Pavesi is a PhD student working with Professor Dominik Riechers on measuring gas and dust properties of galaxies at high-redshift.