Department of Astronomy Center for Radiophysics & Space Research

ASTR 6523: Signal Modeling, Statistical Inference & Data Mining

InstructorsJames M. Cordes
Credit Hours4
Typically OfferedSpring

Aims to provide tools for modeling and detection of various kinds of signals encountered in the physical sciences and engineering. Data mining and statistical inference from large and diverse databases are also covered. Experimental design is to be discussed. Basic topics covered include: probability theory; Fourier analysis of continuous and discrete signals; digital filtering; matched filtering and pattern recognition; spectral analysis; Karhunen-Loeve analysis; wavelets; parameter estimation; optimization techniques; Bayesian statistical inference; deterministic, chaotic and stochastic processes; image formation and analysis; maximum entropy techniques. Specific applications are chosen from current areas of interest in astronomy, where large-scale surveys throughout the electromagnetic spectrum and using non-electromagnetic signals (e.g. neutrinos and gravitational waves) are ongoing and anticipated. Applications are also chosen from topics in geophysics, plasma physics, electronics, artificial intelligence, expert systems and genetic programming. The course is self-contained and is intended for students with thorough backgrounds in the physical sciences or engineering.