Department of Astronomy Center for Radiophysics & Space Research

Future Shock: Where are the interesting fields in Astronomy?

11Tuesday, Apr. 11
Terzian Lecture: Shri Kulkarni, Director, Caltech Optical Observatories
4:00 pm, 105 Space Sciences Bldg.

Astronomy is undergoing a rapid and at the same time a profound change. To start with Astronomy is now big science on a global stage. Next the data rates have gone up exponentially and will
continue to do so.  We have now completed the transition from a data-poor field to a data rich (excessive?) field. Finally, astronomy is becoming a level field (from a data perspective).

The speaker will focus on the field of "time domain astronomy" and stellar astronomy. In his view these (not exclusively) will rise to great heights in the next 10 years. Students and postdocs may
find this talk to be useful, potentially educational  (and certainly entertaining).

S. R. Kulkarni
Director, Caltech Optical Observatories