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Too Many Planets? Exoplanets in the Era of TESS, JWST, and Beyond

27Thursday, Apr. 27
Joshua Pepper, Lehigh University
4:00 pm, 105 Space Sciences Bldg.

The next five years will deliver a huge number of new exoplanet candidates from a variety of sources.  K2 and TESS will provide hundreds to thousands of new transit candidates.  Gaia is expecting a similar number of astrometric discoveries.  Ground-based transit and radial velocity surveys are continuing, and new direct imaging facilities are being deployed.  Managing our understanding of these systems will be a crucial task for the astronomical community, along with allocating scarce resources for confirmation and characterization of individual planets.  At the same time, most future planning is being developed to focus on the most observable handful of Earthlike planets.  In ten years, the exoplanet field will be both shockingly different and strangely similar to the current situation, and we should start preparing.

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