Department of Astronomy Center for Radiophysics & Space Research

On the growth of planetary embryos formed in core-accretion models: pebbles versus planetesimals

27Tuesday, Jun. 27
Yan Alibert - Univ. of Bern, PlanetS Center

We compute the interaction between the envelope of forming planets, and the solids they
   accrete, comparing planetesimal and pebble accretion models.
   We show that for low mass pebbles, once the planetary embryo is larger than a fraction
   of the Earth mass, the envelope is large enough to destroy and vaporize pebbles completely
   before they can reach the core.  In the case of forming by accretion of planetesimals, the mass
   needed to destroy incoming solids can be much larger (up to ten Earth masses).
   We show what are the consequences of this effect on the later growth of planets.