Department of Astronomy Center for Radiophysics & Space Research

The High Resolution Mid-⁠Infrared Spectrometer HIRMES

21Friday, Oct. 21
Thomas Nikola
SSB 622

I will give an overview of the HIgh Resolution Mid-infrarEd Spectrometer HIRMES, the recently selected third generation science instrument for SOFIA. HIRMES covers the wavelength range from 25 to 122 micron, and it has a number of observing modes that allow spectroscopic observations with resolutions between R=600 to R=100,000. In addition, it has spectral imaging capabilities for a few selected emission lines. The driving science goals for HIRMES are the study of protoplanetary disks and studying hydrogen and deuterium in the Solar System. However, HIRMES' wavelength range includes many lines that also allow studying the ISM in galactic and extragalactic star forming regions and in AGNs.