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The magnetic and cosmic ray and gravitational energy in some interesting astrophysical systems. --- A “how-to do-it” overview of some methods, and what they reveal.

19Thursday, Apr. 19
Philipp Kronberg, Department of Physics, University of Toronto
105 Space Sciences Bldg.


Beginning with radio observations in the 1960’s and 70’s, I show some of the first Fourier synthesised images of extended, polarized extragalactic radio sources. I discuss their energy contents, their association with “singularities” at the nuclei of galaxies and how they spread part of their rest mass energy into nearby intergalactic space.

Separately,  I describe some first attempts to obtain the global mass, or “weigh”, individual intervenor galaxies through weak gravitational lensing of extended, polarized background objects.

If time remains, I show, with examples, how recent ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECR’s) can be exploited used to probe magnetic fields in the “local” extragalactic Universe.

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