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In 1992 the Department officially inaugurated a group called "Friends of Astronomy" composed mostly of Cornell alumni and friends. This has been a very happy experience with significant interaction between the Department and our Friends in the wider world.

Anyone with an interest in all things astronomical here at Cornell is welcome to join the Friends of Astronomy group. You can even join our Facebook page!


August 21 Eclipse

View the eclipse safely!

Cornell's Legacy of Arecibo Discoveries: Tribute to Don Campbell and Riccardo Giovanelli

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Department is delighted to invite you to join us to celebrate the work of Don Campbell and Riccardo Giovanelli at the famed Arecibo Telescope. Department faculty and guest scholars will give exciting talks about the great findings this extraordinary instrument has yielded. We look forward to seeing you here!

To see the program and register, please visit the Symposium page  or click on the header of this section.

Please e-mail if you need further information, or if you need assistance with registration.


Past events:


August 12 and 13, 2016: Five Decades Teaching at Cornell. On Friday and Saturday August 12 and 13, we held a symposium in honor of Yervant's five decades teaching at Cornell. The Department faculty talks about the advances in the field during those fifty years, with a special emphasis on work done at Cornell.

May 8 and 9, 2015. On Friday and Saturday May 8-9,we held a Friends of Astronomy event on campus, in conjunction with the inauguration of the Institute for Pale Blue Dots led by Professor Lisa Kaltenegger. The event began at 1:30pm on Friday in SSB 105 for the Undergraduate Astronomy Research Forum followed by the Astronomy Department End-of-year Celebration and Awards Ceremony. We also hosted a special dinner for the Friends of Astronomy on Friday night, with Jonathan Lunine telling us about "What's all the Fuss about Tiny Enceladus" (yes, it rhymes!) and a special lunch for the Friends and the Inauguration event speakers on Saturday. 


July 5-11, 2015. Martha Haynes led a class on "The Intriguing Lives of Galaxies" as part of the CAU on-campus program.


Read our 2014 holiday greetings newsletter: best wishes to all!


August 16, 2014      The 2nd Frontiers of Cornell Astronomy symposium took place on campus with a series of stimulating talks by various members of the Cornell Astronomy Department.


Find the PDF version of the poster at


June 2014: Professors Martha Haynes and Riccardo Giovanelli led a Cornell's Adult University Study Tour entitled "The Concept of Time in Parma and Bologna from Copernicus to Cosmology", June 14-22, 2014. Further details can be found at the CAU website. During this trip, we celebrated the summer solstice and then watched the Sun's image move across Cassini's meridian in the Cathedral of San Petronio in Bologna (see photo below). 

If you are interested, you can access the lecture notes and handout at .


November 2013: We hosted an informal event with a series of talks on the Frontiers of Cornell Astronomy on Saturday November 9, 2013; check out the event flyer. The Cornell Chronicle wrote a nice article about the meeting which can be found at 


Take a Cornell astrophysics class from home: Explore relativity and astrophysics with David Chernoff:

Ever wondered about relativity? Pondered a black hole? Here’s your chance to take an Ivy League astrophysics course from the comfort of your own home, with Cornell University’s first-ever MOOC (massive online open course). The course is free and registration is currently open.

Course:     "Relativity and Astrophysics"
Who:     David Chernoff, Cornell professor of astronomy
Date:     Classes begin Monday, Feb. 3, 2014
Description:     While our ancestors saw wonder in the night sky, modern astronomy extends the human view to unexplored regions of space and time. Understand these discoveries through a focus on relativity – Einstein's fascinating and non-intuitive description of the physical world.


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