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Eclipse Enjoyed at Fuertes Observatory

August 25th, 2017

Colanders and telescopes: Ithacans improvise and enjoy the eclipse at Fuertes Observatory
Jennifer Wholey, 8/21/17

ITHACA, NY — "You’ve got to point it higher than you think. Right now it’s almost straight up and down. You see that crescent there? That’s it," said Michael Decatur.

Decatur and his 11-year-old daughter Elle (and two pitbulls mixes, Ashes and Betty) brought four pinhole projectors made out of shoe boxes to view the solar eclipse Monday afternoon.

The Cornell Astronomy Department hosted a guided eclipse-viewing event on the observatory’s grounds. Hundreds of students and townies alike lined up to receive a limited supply of eclipse glasses.

Due to short supply and large turnout, volunteers from the Cornell Astronomical Society ended up distributing one pair of glasses per group of 10-15 people.

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