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Terzian Honored Thumb

Terzian Honored

June 27, 2018
NASA has announced it will award the Distinguished Public Service Medal, its highest honor, to astronomer Yervant Terzian, the Tisch Distinguished Professor Emeritus.
InSight Spacecraft Thumb

InSight Spacecraft

June 1, 2018
InSight’s primary mission is to study Mars’ geology to learn more about the planet’s formation and current condition. The pressure sensor’s job is to “clean up” the data from the seismometer by eliminating vibrations caused air pressure changes from the Martian weather.
Haynes tours the heavens Thumb

Haynes tours the heavens

May 1, 2018
Martha Haynes, the Goldwin Smith Professor of Astronomy, led an audience of students and faculty on a “journey across space and time” April 25 in Philip Lewis Hall.
Women in Science Thumb

Women in Science

March 30, 2018
Lisa Kaltenegger is one of the women featured in this special article collection who are ground-breaking leaders of their disciplines and advocates for the advancement of science.
Teukolsky to give Hans Bethe Lecture Thumb

Teukolsky to give Hans Bethe Lecture

March 19, 2018
Astrophysicist Saul Teukolsky will explain gravitational waves and describe how he and his colleagues at Cornell used supercomputers to show that the waves came from black holes.
Fate of Exomoons Thumb

Fate of Exomoons

March 8, 2018
Led by Yu-Cian Hong (Cornell University), a team of scientists has now explored the fate of exomoons in planet–planet scattering situations using a suite of N-body numerical simulations.
Fast radio bursts Thumb

Fast radio bursts

January 12, 2018
An international group of astronomers has found that the Cornell-discovered fast radio burst FRB 121102 – a brief, gigantic pulse of radio waves from 3 billion light years away – passes through a veil of magnetized plasma. This causes the cosmic blasts to “shout and twist,” which will help the scientists determine the source.
New Frontiers Thumb

New Frontiers

December 21, 2017
NASA has selected two finalist concepts for a robotic mission planned to launch in the mid-2020s: a comet sample return mission, Comet Astrobiology Exploration Sample Return (CAESAR), Principal Investigator: Steve Squyres.
Breakthrough Prize Thumb

Breakthrough Prize

December 6, 2017
Rachel Bean, professor of astronomy and senior associate dean of undergraduate education for the College of Arts and Sciences, is among a team of 27 scientists who won a share of the $3 million 2018 Breakthrough Prize in fundamental physics Dec. 3.
Clash of 'titan' galaxies Thumb

Clash of 'titan' galaxies

November 14, 2017
A pair of massive, hyper-luminous galaxies are merging in front of astronomer’s eyes for the first time and revealing secrets of cosmic creation.