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Ask an Astronomer

Since they first stepped out of the proverbial cave, humans have always been intrigued by the beauty and wonder of the night sky and the almost infinite possibilities of space.
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NASA New York Space Grant Consortium

Congress established the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program (Space Grant) with Title II of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 1988. The National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, through the designation of Space Grant consortia and the establishment of Space Grant programs and fellowships, was designed to broaden the base of universities and individuals contributing to and benefiting from aerospace science and technology and ultimately contribute to the development and utilization of space resources.
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Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility (SPIF)

Sponsored jointly by NASA's Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program and Cornell University, SPIF is one member of the international system of Regional Planetary Image Facilities (RPIFs) which function as libraries for planetary image data...
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Cornell Astronomical Society (CAS)

The Cornell Astronomical Society (CAS) runs the public viewing nights at the Fuertes Observatory, most clear Friday nights during the semester from 8:00 PM until midnight, if sky conditions permit. On occasion we may open early. To find out if the observatory is currently open, call (607) 255-3557 for the prerecorded message. Check our observing page for the latest forecast and a list of likely targets. As of February 2015, we are raising money to renovate two of the rooms in the Observatory into a museum to showcase the historic instruments of Fuertes. Visitors will get a chance to see what astronomy was like at the turn of the century. Additionally, we hope to have kid-friendly exhibits about telescopes and the night sky. Check out the DONATE tab on our page!

Fuertes Observatory

Come to Public Viewing Nights on clear Fridays starting at 9pm! Call 255-3557 for the Fuertes hotline to determine whether viewing will take place. Public viewing nights are run by the Cornell Astronomical Society. Fuertes Observatory, completed in 1917, houses the 1922 Irving Porter Church telescope and historic astronomical hardware. It is used for undergraduate and community outreach and teaching.
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Friends of Astronomy

In 1992 the Department officially inaugurated a group called "Friends of Astronomy" composed mostly of Cornell alumni and friends. This has been a very happy experience with significant interaction between the Department and the "Friends."