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Cornell University Meteorite Collection


Name Class Description Found Fell Recognized
Cleo Springs Stone . . . .
Dimmitt H3-4 Stone. Olivine Bronzine Chondrite 1942 . 1950 (as distict fall)
Gao H5 Stone. Olivine Bronzine Chondrite 1960 . .
Holbrook L6 Stone. Olivine-hypersthene chondrite . 19 July, 1912, 1915 hours .
Ibitira AEUC Stone. Achondrite, Ca-rich Eucrite . 30 June, 1957, 1715 hours .
Murchison CM2 Carbonaceous Chondrite, Type II . 28 Sept., 1969, 1045 - 1100 hrs. .


Name Class Description Found Fell Recognized
Chinga IV B-Anom Iron. Ataxite, Ni-rich 1913 . .
Gibeon IV A Iron. Octahedrite, fine 1836 . .
Odessa IA Iron. Octahedrite, coarse 1922 . .
Sikhote-Alin II B Iron. . 12 Feb., 1947 .
Wolf Creek III B Iron. Octahedrite, medium 1947 . .

Stony Irons

Name Class Description Found Fell Recognized
Vaca Muerta MES Stony-Iron. Mesosiderite 1861 . .

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