USSKA Meeting Agenda

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    University of Wisconsin
    Madison, Wisconsin

    08:30-11:00 Hydrogen and Galaxies: SKA Science Goals and Implementation Presentations
    HI Surveys as Key Science for the SKA Joe Lazio (.ppt, .pdf)
    Galaxy Evolution: What do we need to know Eric Wilcots (.pptx)
    HI in galaxies from z=0.002 to z=0.2 Thijs van der Hulst (.ppt, .pdf)
    Galaxy Kinematics via Gas and Stars Matt Bershady (.ppt)
    Broad Questions on Galaxy Evolution Christy Tremonti (.pdf)
    Discussion and Identification of Actions Needed
    What are the technical requirements to accomplish HI science?
    Science deliverables vs. SKA phase (vs. A/T and Field of View)
    HI Surveys as part of a Multiwavelength Campauign
    Selling a phased approach to the SKA for HI science
    12:00-13:00 Part 1: Decadal Survey and the SKA (Open Meeting)
    03:00-15:00 Part 2: Decadal Survey and the SKA (Decadal Committee only)

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