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My favorite artist:  Barbara Burger  http://www.barbaraburger.com/   http://www.nutshellarts.com/barbara_burger.htm

Some of my paintings:

View of the Cornell University 
and Cayuga Lake 

A Mist is Rising


2003 - Altay Mountains;   2004 - Kamchatka2006 -  Lake Baikal:  Irkutsk    Listvyanka    Olkhon  ; 2007 -   Caucasus Mountains ;   2009 - Altay; 2010 - Sayani; 2011 - Vietnam, Laos; 2012 - Galapagos Islands


I love music, like most of people. I started to sing earlier than to walk and always liked to sing. At Moscow University singing with a guitar was very popular. Some people liked to compose songs. I've been one of them. In 70-80s I gave a number if unofficial mini-concerts in Moscow  (mainly - my music to a good poetry + some songs with my own poetry). In 90-s I gave few official concerts, most of them were together with the poet Alexander Timofeevskyi  - one of the best Russian poets of our time. Below I show my songs to the poetry of different poets.

 Annensky      Lorca     Mandelshtam     Timofeevsky      Romanova   Zabolotsky     Radio 4 Estonia


                                 ALISA (daughter)                 and                 ALINA (daughter)

Memories of my mother Nerkis Romanova about relatives from her mother's and father's sides (in Russian)
"Nerkis Romanova Memoirs"

Hamid Mushtari - my gradfather from mother's side: scientist, one of the first developers of the Nonlinear Theory of  Thin Shells. Performed tasks given by Sergei Korolev in testing the bodies of the first space rockets.   From Wikipedia,
Mushtari Street in Kazan