Gravitational Waves Fun

Organized by

Ruxandra Bondarescu (ruxandra at - cell - (607)351-4871) with help from Steve Drasco (sdrasco at, Mihai Bondarescu (mihai at, Tanja Hinderer, David Tsang, Nick Taylor and others.

Short description

We are getting together with interested students to watch Kip Thorne's PH237 - Gravitational Waves lectures. The lectures cover the basics of General Relativity as well as advanced topics in Gravitational Wave Astronomy, GW detectors (LIGO, LISA) and the numerical work needed to make them work. All Kip's lectures were recorded on video (at Mihai's suggestion). The movies together with recommended reading, homework and solutions are also available online at . We'll try to do some fun stuff after each meeting that will give us the chance to talk informally and meet each other better.

When & Where:

We are meeting every Friday at 5 PM starting on February 6, 2004. We meet in the Physics Lounge (Clark 125) and then we go up to the Space Sciences Computer Lab (4th Floor).

Note: The Space Sciences building closes at 4:30 PM. So, if you come late and don't have a key please call me on my cell phone to open the door.

We look forward to seeing you all!

We are meeting during the Spring break, too!

April 24: Mihai is giving a talk today about his research with Kip involving new family of flat-topped beams for the LIGO interferometer. Come as usual at 5 pm in the physics lounge. Abstract. Powerpoint file.

We are meeting during the summer, but since only Tanja and Dave and I come regularly now we change the meeting time according to our schedules. Last week we met on Thurday at 3 PM (June 3rd), now we are meeting on Tuesday (June 8th). We are usually watching the lectures in the Physics lounge. So, please email me if you are interested in comming.


Honorary Guests (people who came only once)

  • Paul Grabowski (peg9 at
  • Albert Bae (ajb79 at
  • James Ledoux (jledoux at

  • Some pictures from the first two meetings ...