This a picture of my brother and me at Malibu beach. We had a lot of fun then. It was my first time in California, our first time on a highway, our first time renting a car, and my third time flying (my first flight was when I was 6 and my mom, my grandma and I were going to the seaside; it was in an old Romanian plane that could not fly above the clouds. My second flight was a one way trip from Timisoara, Romania to Champaign, Illinois a couple of weeks before September 11).
Now I have a new camera and I am finally posting some pictures. This is another way to avoid work and applications.
some pics from GR18 First time in Australia! First time at a GRxx conference. It was fun. Beautiful country, busy schedule, many talks, I've met a number of interesting people.
California: before and after GR18 + a brief weekend trip in May to see David (my brother's son) for the first time. That's right: I am an aunt!
Paul's birthday: At the Taste of Thai again with my officemates and other grads from the office next door.
Xmas07: I spent Christmas with the Jacangelo family (the neighbors of Andy's parents). They are really nice. John (their son) said he is intrested in nanotech and physics and that he may come to visit us at Cornell this spring. He is a sophomore in highschool and gets really good grades. We spent the rest of the holidays (Dec 24th to Jan 1st) with Andy and his parents, sister, cousins, friends, several cats (Lucy, Mouse, Bella, Homer, Smoochie, kitten), dog (Blue), etc.
Other Random Pics

Featured Pics:

This is David. Isn't he perfect? and of course sweet and adorable. The pic on the left is his passport photo (6 month) and the one on the right is at 9 month: Mihai (my brother) and David (my nephew) in the plane on the way to Italy.
I am finally posting the pictures I took this summer. August 2006 Pics
Featured pic:
Me and my cousin, Sasha. He is 5 years and 3 month old. He was born the year I left home...It's hard to believe I've been away for so long.

Oh...and this is Kiki, my latest dog. A car hit him and broke his hip bone, and, of course, I took him home. He was homeless and I didn't think he would have survived otherwise on the streets with a broken leg. Anyway, it healed extremley fast - in about ten days because he is very little and the fracture was not severe (there was no displacement; fractura in lemn verde as my mom calls it). And then, of course, I left. So, now my parents have another dog. Two dogs were not enough and Kiki is *very* cute.
April 2006 Pics: a few pics from the walk around the Commons and various waterfalls with two prospective students and some pics from the grad ball.
Random pics . These are pics with me, Mihai, Lauren and Jeni from the summer, fall and winter of 2005.
I was told that this picture looks crazy. So, I decided to post it. It's a pic with me in California a couple of winters ago (correction by Mihai :). I initially wrote summers. It was in December a couple of days before Xmas.) with a car that looks normal, i.e., it is rented.
Winter Vacation: December-January 2004
This winter break I went home for the first time in the last two years. It was nice to be back. I gave a talk at the West University of Timisoara. Afterwards I had to go to Bucharest to change my visa. There was an endless line even though we were supposed to have appointments. Anyway, my mom came with me and she got a visa for 10 years! Now she can visit my brother and me anytime. We also went to see my cousin Andreea in Iasi and my grandmother. Andreea si 7 years old and she is very bright and sweet. Last time I went to visit her she told me she loves me. So, I had to go again. Below you can see a picture with us.
I spent the holidays with my parents and Jenica, my best friend from highschool. After the holidays I spent the rest of the time with my parents and my pets. My dog, Blacky, is very bright (she was homeless before and we took her in when I was 10). She can climb fences and do a lot of cool stuff. Now she adopted kittens! If you don't believe me you can look at the picture!
Here is a pic with me and my best friends from highschool (except for Alina who did not come home this winter). From left to right: Vero, me, Jeni and Adi. We have met several time. We played: cards (uno), mime, and laughed a lot. It was great to be home again! Unfortunately, today I had to come back to Ithaca :). Here it is ofcourse snowing...but I'll survive.
2 Octiober, 2004
Today a Blue Jay got into my kitchen. It flys a little, but something seems to be wrong with it. I bought some food for it and I'll keep it for a couple of days to see if it gets healthier. It's a really pretty bird and it sings. Of course, the first thing I did after I found it was to call my brother up. Mihai and I named it "cioara" (it means crow in romanian, which is not so far off. I've read this species of birds comes from the same family as the crows). Here are some more pictures with it.
Summer 04
This summer I went to Pasadena to see my brother for 10 days. We had a great time. Several exciting things happened. Our $400 car got BROKEN into (Mihai bought it with $400, but he had an accident in the meantime so now it's really not worth anything). We stopped in a parking lot next to a no trespassing sign and then followed a very steep route on foot to go down to a lake in the desert and at some point Mihai decided that we cannot advance any further (after he fell a couple of times and hurt his hand in some sort of cactus). I agreed to go back to the car only because I was suppose to be on a phone meeting with my undergraduate advisor about a paper we were submitting to Phys. Rev. D. This meeting was in about 40 minutes and we were still in the middle of the desert with the cell phones in the car (we left them in the car because there was no signal anyway). So, we went back to the road and got out right in the parking lot from behind a bush. As we approached the car full of dust and blood, we heard people talking about cell phones in spanish IN OUR CAR. They were 2 adults and 6 children and when they saw us they got into a subcompact car parked next to ours and ran away. They turned the lights on in our car and stole a pair of sun glasses and some pens (a total value of $4). When we came they were debating whether it's worth taking our cell phones or not. I am glad they decided not to because otherwise I would have missed my phone meeting. Of course, we had left the car open ... but still Mihai was very proud that someone thought his car worth breaking into.

Afterwards we went to Kip's group meeting and heard from Sterl Phinney about building BBO for detecting the cosmic microwave background. This is going to be built after LISA. I didn't understant much from what he said, but I am glad I went. Mihai fell asleep at some point and he would wake up once in awhile and ask a random question based on the last sentence he heard. I was awake all the time, but I could not ask any questions. Besides this, we went to the beach almost every day, attempted to understand one of Hawking's talks about how information can escape from a black hole, ate icecream, found a very interesting plant in the ocean and put it the bathtub. Here are the pictures we took. These are really all my pictures from this summer (they are not very many and they are funny to look at, but the webpage might load slow).
Cornell - Spring 2004
-- more of Kip's lectures ... this time at Cornell
-- Hiking in the wild New York ! (during Spring break)
-- Second Hiking trip - during Easter - The trail was 8 miles and a half long! .
-- Next hiking trip - April 17, 2004! The plan is to watch a gravitational waves lecture each week and go hiking every other week.
--Mihai came to visit and gave an informal talk about his research with Kip. We had a great time: We went hiking and swimming twice, we almost got shot, we made a cake, Mihai fixed the window of my car with SuperGlue, we had a small party, we cleaned the floors in my apartment, etc. For more details see the pictures with Mihai, Tanja, Dave, Kelken, Andrew, Kiran and me.
December 2003
My brother and I organized a Gravitational Waves course based on Kip Thorne's ph 237 at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. As part of the informal course we also went swimming in the Louisiana swamps (Tickfaw national park) - with the alligators... See the course page and Mihai's page for more crazy pictures.

August 2002

My second visit to Sunny California:

My brother and I went to a few relativity talks and to two group meetings with Kip. Kip is working on a stationary solution for a binary black hole problem. He wants to put some radiation at the boundary that keeps the black holes for spiraling into each other to turn the black holes into white holes to keep the horizon from increasing. He hopes this will make the horizon disapear and will generate a stationary metric on the hole grid (the evolution will be completely periodic). This may make the horizon disappear to leave naked singularities behind and yet Kip believes that the real waves emitted by the holes can be constructed from a sequence of such stationary space-times.

We have been to the beach almost every day and we made many pictures ... for more detailed information see mihai's page).

June 2002

Going home:
In the bus station: 12

At home:
My favorite place

I saw my family, went to several talks gave by Prof. Edward Seidel from the Albert Eistein Institute, gave my own talk, went to Bucharest with Ed, and came back to Illinois.

May 2002

I left Champaign for 3 days to visit Alina, my best friend from highschool. She is studing mathematics and computer science at Carleton collge and wants to pusue a Ph. D. in Mathematics. We cooked (my first and the last time for this year). If you don't believe me you can look at the pictures:  me and the dwelled eggs.
December 2001

I went to see my brother in California. Unfortunately I stayed only three days and did not have the chance to meet very many people at Caltech. We drove on a highway for the first time (he got his American Driver's license in December). I saw the Pacific Ocean and we were together again like in the good old times. We swam all day, ate watermellon and talked about the future of the planet in the next 2000 years. This summer I am going to California again. This time I'll stay almost three weeks and we'll have fun!

Calling home: 1 (the first thing I did when I got to California was to call mother :)).

On the highway: 123 (Mihai driving on the highway for the first time)

On the beach:123 (Swimming on Xmas day)

My luggage